Jon played a song for Attic Transmissions on CHMA.


“Hunter,” the debut single from Hamilton band Math Club, oozes with teen nostalgia. Drowning in the just-rough-enough emo sounds that were the soundtrack to your moody years, “Hunter” captures that feeling when you realize you’re getting too old for this shit and that lost love is better off lost. “Hunter” truly hits home right before the two minute mark when the instrumental picks up and lone Math Club member Wade Morrison asks, “How’s your Dad? Is his hair still long? Is he still going strong for the Maple Leafs?”

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Pinch Me
Barenaked Ladies - Disc One All Their Greatest Hits 1991-2001

Out of Control

Wiping out the integrity
Losing out the priority
'Bout the Grace outcasts
Outdated by the clash

Made by my amazing friend Lana El Sanyoura
A beautiful song with such a powerful and important message.


NEW TRACKS: Superfood, “Right On Satellite”

Show of hands, who’s heard “Wonderwall” enough for several sad lifetimes? Hope it didn’t kill your love of Britpop though, because check out Superfood. They don’t come with antioxidants, but they do come with pop sensibilities that shouldn’t come so easy to such a young group. The shouted minor key chorus is basically Buckingham Palace on a rainy day incarnate. Their La’s-meets-Stone Roses sound is guaranteed to convert all.

-Kelsey Butterworth

Do I Wanna Know? (Tribute to Arctic Monkeys)
Vitamin String Quartet


Vitamin String Quartet cover of Do I wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys